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SSH on iOS got annoying lately. Using mosh fixed it. How could I forget that mosh exists? 🙈

@jpmens My latest crazy idea: deploy authorative DNS to Kubernetes that gets zone list via catalog zone.

Happy Birthday, Linux!

30 years of age.
31,479,666 lines of code.
10.4 changes per hour.
1,031,305 commits.
Almost 25,000 contributors.

Countless freedoms ❤️

My Mastodon instance has been down for some hours. After a kernel update systemD refused to boot the system due to a not required invalid fstab entry. Reminder to myself: always blame systemD first on boot problems and do not try a fix a visible network error.

Ikea macht übrigens erst um 10:00 auf. 😞

Note to myself: double check the authorized SSH key to be one you really want. 🤬

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I‘m still struggling with cloud-init.

I don’t understand why SSH key based login is denied. The key is printed after startup.

The perfect evening: „The Hunt for Red October“ and G&T.

Am I old?

Of course it‘s a systemD problem.

And the workaround is ridiculous. At least it seems to work.

And the bugreport says update systemD. Not helpfull, because I use a Linux distribution.

I wasn’t able to access a dictionary value in an Ansible Jinja2 template until I realized that I needed to use Python method get on the dictionary variable.
I am still not sure if varname[item]['keyname'] should have worked instead of varname[item].get('keyname', '').
However I now have new abilities in my playbooks. 😎

Ubuntu 16.04 upgrade of linux-virtual from a working 4.4.0-130 to 4.4.0-138 causes my KVM guests to refuse boot due to problems initializing the random number generator. 😱

I finally used Python instead of bash for a script I needed. Wanted to learn Python since ages, but did never start learning it.
I love the command line parameter handling possible with Python.
Hash/array processing works well.
I need to use Python more often. 😃

I‘ve finished migrating my monitoring to Icinga. 😃
No the setup can be optimized.

Has the KSK rolled?

YES: the root DNSKEY is currently signed by key tag 20326 (KSK 2017)

The DNS root zone KSK rollover is today.

You can check the status at

The little known secret of using Mastodon: it tells you to choose an instance but you're actually choosing your admin(s).

printers with DRM are just keurig machines for ink. send toot

Well played printer.
The „empty“ cyan ink cartridge made made my fingers cyan.

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