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I wanted to buy cheap black ink for my color ink printer, that refused to print due to lack of black ink.
The shop I used to buy ink the last time always returned error 500 for my order.
I ended up paying 10€ more for the original ink cartridge. That already arrived.

So, uh, if you have #bitcoin you might want to get rid of it unless you want to be raided for possession of child porn:

That's not an exaggeration, apparently there's literally CP /in the #blockchain/.

I have a Jabber server again.
Is there a working client for iOS?

With closed registrations the instance will be currently only used by myself. If people I know want an account, they‘ll get one.

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With immediate effect public registrations on this instance have been disabled.

During a regular check I noticed, that there were two accounts active that actually made posts on this instance. As far as I can tell it was spam in Russian language. The accounts will be suspended immediatly.

All other accounts created on this instance never made posts or logged in. They were inactive for a longer time and will be suspended, too.

Remember when copy and paste ignored any and all formatting and just dealt in plain text? Those were good times.

Oh yeah I finished Star Trek: Discovery and it was very good, don't let anyone tell you otherwise (I have been told otherwise)

Vero take 

Like wow, seriously:

You pay
To be advertised to
On an app designed to limit engagement
While they grab your phone number, encourage you to use your real name (irrelevant, because they have your fucking phone number) and sell you content you could just search for. Oh, and the subscription fee basically means they're selling your content (and everyone else's) to each other.

This is a foolish app and a dumb idea and a waste of tiiiiiiime.

The end.

Zeige Konversation

New project: use Ansible to setup a big KVM with loads of containers and stuff to run on.

Note to myself: pfSense with virtio requires to disable hardware checksum offload in advanced / networking.

Zeige Konversation

VMs behind pfSense firewall can do ICMP without problems, but are unable to talk TCP. WTF.

Network setup for the new host system completed. Would be able to start migrating VMs now, but will go to bed now.

Next step: setup Proxmox VM networking. Then instance will migrate.

It tool one hour to backup a nearly empty 300GB qemu VM image. 😞

This instance will migrate to a new server in a couple of days. I just decreased the DNS TTL.

Dovecot master/master replication operational.

When you are in a parking lot with reverse gear in DO NOT READ A MAGAZINE!!!11

In case your Ubuntu 4.4.0-108 kernel does not boot, boot the older kernel and upgrade to 4.4.0-109.

My Fritzbox router is now using two local unbound instances running on Raspberry Pis for authorative DNS (of course dualstack). Local clients will still use the Fritzbox.

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