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Anybody watching Disenchanted? I'm enjoying it so far. Starting into episode 2 now.

Finally current Mastodon version up and running. 😃

But I‘m not yet finished to catch up to the current version.

I think the Ubuntu dist upgrade to bionic broke my Mastodon upgrade. I upgraded Mastodon step by step, which worked.

Instance update failed fatal. Rolled back.

Upgrade to Ubuntu Bionic installed postgres 10, but database migration failed.

After first rollback database migration scripts failed.

Need to figure out how to upgrade now.

DE-CIX lost. They have to allow BND to continue to grab literally all traffic directly from their cables:

> Der Betreiber könne verpflichtet werden, bei der strategischen Fernmeldeüberwachung durch den BND mitzuwirken, betonte der 6. Senat in seiner Urteilsbegründung. Der Geheimdienst sei berechtigt, auf Anordnung des Bundesinnenministeriums internationale Telekommunikation zu überwachen und aufzuzeichnen. Das Bundesverwaltungsgericht ließ keine Rechtsmittel gegen die Entscheidung zu.

My main mistake on this setup: I expected to have this cluster replaced by another one three years after the initial setup.

Well, it was not necessary and I had to renew the certificates for another three years.

At least the certificate renew for the cluster is a process I described in the cluster documentation.

And the CA box still existed.

PowerDNS driven with MySQL replication backend is rock solid.
My MySQL replication broke a few week ago due to expired TLS certificates.
I don’t updates zones often. All zones continued to resolve and had valid DNSSEC all the time.
Two replication slaves could just continue with the new certificate. One replication slave needed a few SQL dump, because of missing binlogs.

Have you ever tried to setup a Kubernetes test environment in LXD containers?
Perhaps I never should have tried this at home.

So, Weave Net for Kubernetes is a thing, right?

Do you run your own #DNS server? The open source implementations will stop doing some #EDNS workarounds in Feb 2019. Thankfully, "just update" is the way to fix it if you are having problems. wrote a blog post describing it

You can also check your domain(s) at

#RIPE has assigned the last block from the 185/8 space.

This means there are no more pristine IPv4 addresses available in Europe, Middle East, or CIS.

RIPE still has a /9 of issuable space, but that is returned/revoked addresses from LIRs, and from the IANA returned pool.

Starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel for #IPv4.

First look at Ubuntu 18.04 (next LTS) Bionic Beaver.
Systemd pain continues. I replaced systemd-resolvd with unbound in my setup. Feels much better.
Netplan introduced. Got IPv4/IPv6 with special required setup (additional routes) working. Yes, it’s yaml.

As announced I've done some research in the distribution of our mastodon instances regarding the network (AS) they use.

The top five countries with mastodon instances:

- 36 GB
- 356 DE
- 786 FR
- 810 JP
- 1284 US

(full data: )

Top 7 networks:

- 173 INTERQ GMO Internet
- 187 SAKURA-B SAKURA Internet Inc.
- 195 AMAZON-02 -
- 232 DIGITALOCEAN-ASN - DigitalOcean
- 244 ONLINE S.A.S.
- 400 OVH

(full data:

ActivityPub support for GNU Social is in the works! I'll be working with @up201705417 on a plugin this summer.

I wanted to buy cheap black ink for my color ink printer, that refused to print due to lack of black ink.
The shop I used to buy ink the last time always returned error 500 for my order.
I ended up paying 10€ more for the original ink cartridge. That already arrived.

So, uh, if you have #bitcoin you might want to get rid of it unless you want to be raided for possession of child porn:

That's not an exaggeration, apparently there's literally CP /in the #blockchain/.

I have a Jabber server again.
Is there a working client for iOS?

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