Ich mache heute schon das fünfzehnte Türchen an der Packstation auf.

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Gestern ist mir ein Bild gelungen von dem ich schon lange geträumt habe. Viele Dinge müssen zusammen passen (Wetter, Mondphase, Flugbahn und passender Abstand der Kraniche), und gestern war er da, der perfekte Augenblick!

cert-manger was unable to issue letsencrypt cert, because it could not validate the challenge. It can’t be DNS. It was DNS. I used this guide to find the error: kubernetes.io/docs/tasks/admin

Of course it was a systemD problem. I hate it every time systemD tries to be smarter and breaks an intuitive setup pattern. After all these years nothing has changed.

cert-manager is going to be my final enemy with k8s.

It’s amazing what can be done with Ansible.
Today: GET JSON data from REST endpoint, extract required data from result, PUT JSON generated by template to different REST endpoint. Enjoy result.

Finally updated my authorative DNS cluster. I am now using catalog zones for deploying zone list. This speeds up Ansible deployment when only the master needs updates when new zones are added. Catalog zones will also help with planned further improvements.

End of an era: I was running Xen hypervisor for more than 12 years. The last Xen VMs have been migrated to Proxmox based lxc or KVM. systemD made the last migration attempt a disaster. All those bugs have been fixed in the meantime. It took years.

Got my new Apple Watch 6 today.
I broke my Apple Watch 4 a month ago. I was very annoyed of no longer having one. But I waited for the Apple Watch 7 announcement. Due to no new sensors and not existing availability, I ordered the new watch.

SSH on iOS got annoying lately. Using mosh fixed it. How could I forget that mosh exists? 🙈

@jpmens I know what you mean. I have avoided Kubernetes for many many years due to its complexity. I’ve started using it at work.
My own cluster is my latest private playground. I want to see what’s possible with it and how it works underneath.
In the end the DNS project has to integrate into my Ansible playbooks. 😃

@jpmens My latest crazy idea: deploy authorative DNS to Kubernetes that gets zone list via catalog zone.

Happy Birthday, Linux!

30 years of age.
31,479,666 lines of code.
10.4 changes per hour.
1,031,305 commits.
Almost 25,000 contributors.

Countless freedoms ❤️

My Mastodon instance has been down for some hours. After a kernel update systemD refused to boot the system due to a not required invalid fstab entry. Reminder to myself: always blame systemD first on boot problems and do not try a fix a visible network error.

Ikea macht übrigens erst um 10:00 auf. 😞

Note to myself: double check the authorized SSH key to be one you really want. 🤬

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I‘m still struggling with cloud-init.

I don’t understand why SSH key based login is denied. The key is printed after startup.

The perfect evening: „The Hunt for Red October“ and G&T.

Am I old?

Of course it‘s a systemD problem.

And the workaround is ridiculous. At least it seems to work.

And the bugreport says update systemD. Not helpfull, because I use a Linux distribution.

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