Ikea macht übrigens erst um 10:00 auf. 😞

Note to myself: double check the authorized SSH key to be one you really want. 🤬

I‘m still struggling with cloud-init.

I don’t understand why SSH key based login is denied. The key is printed after startup.

The perfect evening: „The Hunt for Red October“ and G&T.

Am I old?

Of course it‘s a systemD problem.

And the workaround is ridiculous. At least it seems to work.

And the bugreport says update systemD. Not helpfull, because I use a Linux distribution.

@galaxis @Gargron Correct. It was a brand or closed gTLD, it recently launched into general availability.

13,5 hours of DSL outage are over! 🎉

I wasn’t able to access a dictionary value in an Ansible Jinja2 template until I realized that I needed to use Python method get on the dictionary variable.
I am still not sure if varname[item]['keyname'] should have worked instead of varname[item].get('keyname', '').
However I now have new abilities in my playbooks. 😎

Ubuntu 16.04 upgrade of linux-virtual from a working 4.4.0-130 to 4.4.0-138 causes my KVM guests to refuse boot due to problems initializing the random number generator. 😱

I finally used Python instead of bash for a script I needed. Wanted to learn Python since ages, but did never start learning it.
I love the command line parameter handling possible with Python.
Hash/array processing works well.
I need to use Python more often. 😃

I‘ve finished migrating my monitoring to Icinga. 😃
No the setup can be optimized.

@jpmens Thank you. 😃

Now let‘s see if there will be known problems.

Has the KSK rolled?

YES: the root DNSKEY is currently signed by key tag 20326 (KSK 2017)


The DNS root zone KSK rollover is today.

You can check the status at has-the-ksk-rolled.com

The little known secret of using Mastodon: it tells you to choose an instance but you're actually choosing your admin(s).

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